Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Titanium Hair Straightener Reviews

When you're looking for a hair straightener, some questions come up. What is the best hair straightener? Should I purchase a titanium hair straightener or a ceramic one? The market is awash with these products, and choosing may prove to be a daunting task. Nonetheless, such competition is healthy.

For naturally curly hair, a titanium hair straightener is recommended since it allows for a broad range of temperature settings for your use.

One titanium hair straightener that has received a lot of attention is the 1 inch titanium hair straightener from BaByliss. It is an excellent heat conductor, which remains stable in especially elevated temperatures. The product is thin and light in weight. It has fabulously long 5 inch plates, which give off negative ions fast while reaching LED temperatures as high as 450F. This titanium hair straightener enables you move fast, practically bonding and aligning every single strand of hair without breaking. You can straighten wider portions of hair. Your hair straightening can be fast and flexible with no hand exhaustion. It simply glides through hair effortlessly and so you don't have to pull. For additional safety, the titanium hair straightener has an automatic shutoff and a Ryton casing, which is heat resistant. 

As with any manufactures product, the1 inch titanium hair straightener from BaByliss, which has over 1,220 Amazon reviews and counting has its pros and cons. 

Pros Titanium Hair Straightener

Some customers who possess hair that is very coarse or thick, wavy, or frizzy attest that it serves them very well. It is able to move through thick hair.
Its plates are longer and wider than the regular irons plus being light in weight worked well for them, making a whole lot of positive difference in reaching the center back areas. 
The amazingly smooth plate just glide as you work, and don't pull it out, this product straightens completely leaving the hair feeling silky.
It is excellent for African American hair, if you're transitioning to natural, because this iron straightens your hair just as well as, if not better than, a relaxer.
The titanium hair straightener allows you to adjust it to low heat or 450F temperature for nappy hair.
Many users like the fact that this titanium hair straightener is ultra thin, which makes it easier to get closer to your hair roots.
It features a swivel cord for flexibility.
You get a brochure describing the ideal heat settings that suit your hair type. 
The product comes with a 4-year warranty!

Cons Titanium Hair Straightener

This titanium hair straightener heats up quickly and gets really hot; and the region surrounding the plates gets hot, too. 
You have to get used to operating it with one hand instead of two in order to avoid burning your hand. 
You have press the on button every time you want to use it. You can't just plug it in and out of the socket.
You may need a to use heat protection spray.

Overall, this titanium hair straightener is reported to be phenomenal - especially among users with coarse hair!

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